The base for instaling a padel court

A perfect base is essential to ensure the best result after installing the padel court. These are some recommendations to get the perfect ring.

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Concrete base

The fastest, cheapest, strongest and easiest solution is to build a semi-floated concrete base (not very smooth) that serves both to install the metal structure and the grass.

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Porous base

For rapid drainage, it is preferable to build a porous level base with good planimetry with a perimeter concrete footing to install the metal structure. It is important to take measures to prevent erosion under the porous base.

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From tennis to padel

(except clay courts)

It is possible to convert tennis courts into padel courts taking advantage of the space without great expenses.
If the tennis court has a soft base, it will be necessary to build a perimeter concrete foundation to install the metal structure.

If the 20 x 10 meter interior rectangle has good planimetry, the lawn can be installed perfectly.