How we proceed?

JUBO PADEL will guide you throughout the planning, purchase and installation process of padel courts and complementary services. This is how we work:

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Tell us about your project

Tell us about your ideas through this form.
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We study your project and we offer you possibilities

We analyse the project and offer constructive solutions, court models, accessories and customization, transport and installation options. We provide all the complementary information necessary to guarantee the right decision
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Customized turnkey quotation

Once the basic concepts of the project have been concretized, we will deliver a final quotation, easy to understand and explained point by point. No surprises.
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You can ask us for advice and suggestions to make the best padel project.
Of course, we will share all our knowledge and experience about other projects previously carried out.
If you want to visit us or try our courts, we can organize it.
Look, think and concludes that the offer you received fits your project and you want to work directly with the manufacturer, JUBO PADEL, without intermediaries and with the best price and warranty.
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Production and preparation

Production, transport, delivery and installation are organized, informing about each of the steps and sending all the necessary information for the unload and installation of the padel courts.
You can supervise the production and preparation of the courts in person, or we can send photos and videos to you, always keeping you informed in a transparent way.
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The padel courts are loaded in our facilities on the agreed day, taking photos and videos that can be of great help along with the unload manual.

The receiver of the courts must check the material and sign the delivery note.
JUBO PADEL can help / unload on site upon request / approval.

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We offer different possibilities: turnkey all inclusive, sending a supervisor or own assembly under the supervision of a detailed manual.

However, we recommend the turnkey system to guarantee the correct assembly of the court, as well as teach the customer future maintenance’ tasks.

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Follow up

Once the installation is complete, all the components of the padel court are reviewed, together with the client, checking that everything is correct and works perfectly, ensuring total customer satisfaction, something essential for JUBO PADEL.

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Warranty and maintenance

During the installation, we show the customer the details to keep the courts in perfect condition. In addition, we provide a detailed maintenance manual with an action program that guarantees the maximum duration of the courts and the practice of padel safety.

The guarantee is provided by JUBO PADEL as a manufacturer of metal structures for padel courts and by the corresponding manufacturers that JUBO PADEL distributes (grass, LED projectors, markers, etc.). If a problem arises within the scope of the guarantee, JUBO PADEL will solve it as quickly as possible. What is beyond the control of JUBO PADEL or in case of damages suffered by force majeure, must be covered by the client’s insurance company.

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Spare parts needed for proper maintenance are provided free of charge for at least one year. In any case, we guarantee express delivery by courier (small parts) or by truck (large or heavy parts).

We offer an after-sales service for the maintenance, either regular or urgently in case of need. However, mobile messaging applications make these queries much easier and, in many cases, can be solved quickly.