High aesthetic quality finishes:

  • Continuous electro-welded mesh between frames (injury prevention)
  • World Padel Tour type open entrances
  • Net posts matching the structure
  • Corners finished off with trims

Sturdiest finishes:

  • Complete structure in hot galvanized steel
  • 212 metallic anchors bolts, certified and homologated by the EU
  • All screws A4 stainless steel and M10 metric
  • Wire mesh and glass rest on its entire perimeter on a frame
  • Pillars of 80x80mm with double buttress
    Ventilation holes

Know all the details of FORTE

It is the classic but highly reinforced padel court, made up of 30 metal modules with two 26x16x1.5cm anchor plates and each plate with an 80cm high buttress. A total of 212 approved anchors are used: 6 per module, 6 per lighting pillar and 4 per net post. Once the structure is assembled, 80x80mm thick pillars with double buttress are formed, constituting the most robust paddle tennis court to date.


FORTE examples